The Cody Camp Memorial Field
January 13th, 2007 

The Cody Camp Memorial Field Foundation today announced that it has received a firm commitment from Richard Baldi of Baldi, Sand and Gravel, here in Colchester, to donate the gravel which will be needed in the construction of the Cody Camp Memorial Field in Colchester Connecticut.  The Foundation committee would like to extend its heartfelt appreciation to Mr. Baldi for this very generous donation.  The Cody Camp Memorial Field was created in November of last year with the sole purpose of constructing an athletic field in honor of Cody Robert Camp who died of Burkett’s Lymphoma in October 13th of last year.  Cody was only six years old.  If you have any questions or would like to make a donation to the field please don’t hesitate to contact the Foundation directly at 860-537-9017.