The Cody Camp Memorial Field Foundation, Inc.
                         A 501(c)(3) Charitable Foundation
Installing dugouts, drainage, re-applying topsoil and building the infield.

Reapplying the screened topsoil 

Found the buried and clogged drainage pipe from Jack Jackter soccer field and connected it to one of the new field's yard drains
Many Thanks to Roger Palmer for the extremly generous donation of his time to build the dugout foundation and walls!  Thank you Roger! 
Installing over 600 feet of perimeter drainage connected to 6 yard drains with a 6 inch PVC solid pipe draining into a rip-rock plunge pool behind both left and right field. 
Built a temporary radius border between the infield and outfield in order to apply the 5.5 inches of topsoil back on and have it not mix with the red infield clay.