The Cody Camp Memorial Field

MOMS Club® of Colchester-E and Heavenly Body Wellness Center & Spa Host Fundraiser To Benefit The Cody Camp Foundation

MOMS Club® of Colchester-E and Heavenly Body Wellness Center & Spa has teamed up to host a Lia Sophia fundraiser on April 16th 6pm at Heavenly Body Wellness Center & Spa located at 79C Norwich Ave, Colchester, CT.  20% of all sales will go directly to the Copy Camp Foundation. 

In addition to the fundraiser that evening Heavenly Body Wellness Center & Spa will donate 20% of any service they provide between April 3rd and April 16th to the foundation.   For further information regarding the spa offer please contact Adrienne or Dottie at 537-5344 or visit their website at:

The MOMS Club® fundraiser on April 16th is open to the public.  We invite the community to attend our Lia Sofia event and help us sponsor this foundation. Food and refreshments will be provided! If you cannot attend the event and would like to place an order please go to: 

Click “Our Jewelry”.
Choose a  jewelry collection.
Click the button that says "How to Purchase".
In “Hostess First Name” box, type “Cody Camp Foundation”.
In the “Hostess last name” box type in “c/o Jennifer Gruss”.
Select the items you would like to purchase.
Click “Summary of Items”.  You will see your payment options.

All on-line orders must be placed by Tuesday, April 17th. For more information about the event or on-line orders please contact Jen Gruss at 537-2428

MOMS Club® is an International non-profit support group specifically for mothers-at-home, including those who have home-based business and those who work part-time. All meetings are held during the day and mothers may bring their children to all club activities.