The Cody Camp Memorial Field
January 25, 2007

The Cody Camp Memorial Field Foundation today announced that they have donated $5,200 to the town of Colchester’s Park and Recreation Department. This money will be used to commence a study by Vollmer Associates that will look at available town property and recommend which town owned parcels are best suited for various town recreational needs. 

In June 2006 the Town of Colchester put together and Athletic Field Commission to look at the current town needs in respect to Athletic Fields.  After hearing from the various sports programs in town and looking at the past current and projected future demographics it was determined that the town is short 5 multi-purpose athletic fields.  With no money in the budget to finance the necessary study, to determine which town owned parcels are best suited for athletic fields, the commission reached out to the various sports programs operating within the town.  The commission was able to raise $4,800 of the $10,000 required for the study. The donation by the Cody Camp Memorial Field Foundation represents the remaining $5,200 required to engage Vollmer Associates to complete the study. 

Erin McGovern, a Foundation committee member stated “I think it is a great way to combine the financial resources and goodwill that has been generated on behalf of the Foundation with the pressing needs of the town".  She went on “in this way we hope to accomplish the very best outcome for both the town and the community members who feel strongly about memorializing Cody”. 

Jay Cohen of the Parks and Recreation department was generally grateful for the donation and the possibility of a working together states Cohen  “It did not take long for the foundation and the task force to realize that they might be able to work together to achieve their similar goals.  With the town developing plans to build fields on land it already owns, and the foundation having the resources to get it done, it appears to be an ideal partnership” 

Foundation president Bob McGovern states "We look forward to working with the Town of Colchester to achieve our goal while giving back a valuable asset to the community"